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This Agreement contains the complete agreement between you and Wenchuan International regarding your access to and use of the website. Wenchuan International may notify you at any time by posting the latest version of this Agreement on this website and to make changes to this Agreement. Therefore, it is your responsibility to review this agreement frequently. By using this website after the above changes are registered, it means that you agree with the changes that mentioned above.

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This website may contain materials produced by cooperating parties or links to other websites. The above information and websites are provided by cooperating companies and are not under the direct control of Wenchuan International. Therefore, Wenchuan International does not assume any responsibility or obligation for the operation or content of any of the above-mentioned information or other websites of cooperating parties s (whether they link to this website or not). Therefore, if you have set up any other website to link to this website without the prior written consent of Wenchuan International, Wenchuan International has the right to ask you to delete it.

⋅ 4. The responsibilities of Wenchuan International

If you register as a customer and accept the services of the company, you must accept the business terms of the company. Your relationship with Wenchuan International and the responsibilities of Wenchuan International for the services that the company provided for you are subject to the terms of business. Although Wenchuan International regularly update the website, it does not guarantee that the information or materials contained in the website reflect the latest information or is accurate, or that the products or services listed on the website are currently valid. Wenchuan International may change the information posted on this website at any time without notice.

In addition to the description of services that mentioned above, the website and all software and other information on the website are provided to you in accordance with the "current situation" and "existing conditions", which cannot guarantee its accuracy, timeliness or completeness. All representations and warranties, whether express, implied, statutory or otherwise, to the extent permitted by law, including but not limited to any warranties or conditions relating to accuracy, timeliness, marketability, quality satisfaction or fitness for a particular or any purpose, are hereby excluded.

Because of your use, delay use or inability to access this website, or because of any other reasons that are connected with this website, including but not limited to any indirect, special, incidental, or secondary damage caused by downloading any software from this website , and including but not limited to the damage, data loss, income or profit loss of your computer, computer system of computer set, Wenchuan International will not assume any responsibility to you.

⋅ 5. Your information

In addition to your obligation to register as a customer of Wenchuan International, you agree to ensure that all information you provide to Wenchuan International is complete and accurate to the extent of your knowledge and belief. You agree that in case of any changes in the information you provide, you should immediately notify Wenchuan to update the records and accurately reflect the latest situation.

⋅ 6.Company Information

Wenchuan International CO., LTD.

The Financial Services Centre Stoney Ground Kingstown St. Vincent & the Grenadines

Risk Warning

Margin trading involves potential profits and losses. Losses may exceed the amount of the initial deposit if the trading conditions are unfavorable. Fluctuations of Margin trading are affected by a variety of global factors, and many of these factors are difficult to predict. And the wild fluctuations in the price of Margin trading may cause investors to fail to settle profits and losses. Although the staff of Wenchuan constantly pay attention to the market situations, they cannot guarantee any accuracy of prediction, nor can they guarantee that loss does not exceed a certain amount.

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